It’s here!

BLIND TRUST EBOOKBLIND TRUST and ALL the Woodland Creek Novellas are out today.

Woodland Creek Series.

30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.

BLIND TRUST is available:

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Healer Pia Matthews is just getting her life back on track after a fire left her blind. After months of depression and rehabilitation, she’s regaining her independence thanks to Clark Lee, a red wolf shifter who serves as her animal guide. He lived in the woods by her parents house, watched her struggle during her recovery, and fell in love with her from afar. When he overheard her need for a Seeing Eye Dog, he followed her around until she adopted him.

Jeremiah Santos is a cougar shifter who moved to London to escape the animal inside of him, and to become the person he wanted to be. Though he built a life for himself and a business there, Pia’s handicap makes him question everything. He comes back to Woodland Creek to help launch the Apothecary and finds a wolf guarding her that he doesn’t trust one bit.

Pia’s need for both Clark and Jeremiah sets of a natural competition between the two that threatens Pia’s hard won independence. If they can’t resolve their animal difference in the human world, they will both lose her trust forever.




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